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School Holiday Program

July 8 - 12

Get the kids out of the house these winter holidays and inspire them through the Bright Side Holiday Theatre Program!

This week-long adventure is for creative kids, big thinkers, those who love the spotlight, and aspirational young performers.

Our Bright Stars will be working alongside industry professionals to create something truly original, refine their skills, make lasting new friendships, and create unforgettable memories!

The fun we'll be having


Through ensemble singing and small group lessons, our Bright Stars will refine their vocal technique and understand how to sing as a team to create brilliant music. 

Singers will be learning from a double bachelor graduate and industry professional from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with Classical and Music Theatre training.


Dancing is one of the purest forms of self-expression and it just makes the body feel good!

Whether our Bright Stars are dancing pros or new to the art form, we'll cater for everybody depending on their strengths and existing knowledge.

We'll be dancing every day, learning group numbers and some smaller specialised moments for our stronger dancers.


Putting ourselves in another person's shoes can be a powerful learning experience for adults and kids. In a world where empathy and confidence are so crucial, we believe acting can contribute to a better future.

Bright Stars will learn how to think like another person through character studies and creative play, exploring facial expressions, gesture, posture, relationships and all the other good stuff!


The song writing element of our program sets us apart from other holiday workshops. Bright Stars will write an original opening number for our showcase concert, which will be recorded and professionally mixed to create a life-long keepsake. 

We'll talk about what kind of message we want to send and collaboratively create something new from scratch.

What an unmissable treat!!


KEY DATES: July 8 - 12, 9am-3pm

Additional showcase performance on July 13th, 2pm

LOCATION: Royal Park Hall

180 Charles St, West Perth


Participants must be aged between 8 and 16

Form rego anchor

Book your spot now!

Thanks! We can't wait to get started!


There is no better way for people to really was a wonderful introduction to creating a live performance

Bright Side built a nurturing and fun environment for everyone, and it showed in the performances that were tight, joyful and informative

Taylor learned so much about the way a professional show comes together. She loved seeing the technical side of the production too.

"What an experience our kids have had!"

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