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Looking for a cabaret performance to spice up your event?

Golden Age Girls


Julie Michael Cabaret Award 2018

Fringe World Best WA Cabaret 2019

Despite their modern upbringing, young sopranos Ruth and Irene crave the glamorous life that accompanied the Golden Age of Music Theatre. After competing to become the most booked performer for the over 55's community, they find an alternative calling in the funeral industry.

Featuring tap dancing, comedy, and original music alongside hits from the Golden Age of Broadway, Golden Aged Girls is sure to have you dancing in your seat, reminiscing with nostalgia and crying from laughter. In the words of Kimberly Shaw, Golden Aged Girls is "highly recommended for lovers of classic music theatre and admirers of clever cabaret".

"An overflowing barrel of laughs" Fringefeed (2022)

"There can be no escaping the charm and appeal of this duo." The West Australian (2019)

Golden Age Girls promo.jpg
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