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Mentorship program

Everyone's creative journey is different.  Let us help  to shape yours.

The Bright Side mentorship program is designed to inspiringly guide emerging artists to shape and achieve their goals.
As a participant, you'll receive a range of one-on-one meetings, brainstorming sessions, and online chats over a set time period to tackle the challenge you're working through.

A few  of the things we can help with:

- Diversifying your creative passion
- Holding professional auditions
- Approaching venues and ticketing concepts
- Starting your own production company

- Shaping your script ideas
- Finding your post-drama school path
- Applying for Perth Fringe Festival
- Hosting development workshops

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    From 10 Australian dollars
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Your first coffee catch up is on us

After we've committed to each other, the cost of your mentor program will depend on how many sessions you need to flesh out and fully implement your game plan. Fees include in-person time,  unlimited messenger chats, and admin/prep time.

Two months, up to five sessions:   $225/month

Six months, up to ten sessions:      $150/month

Fees can be paid monthly or upfront in full

Sessions can last up to two hours and exclude initial meeting

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