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Bright Side

Bright Side Productions are the only company in WA offering workshop and performance opportunities for

local kids with practising professionals.

Our 2024 Summer program was great fun, with six big shows in Yagan Square.

Sign up for the July holiday program now!

Stay up to date with our latest productions, auditions, and exciting new developments. 

Looking for a show to spice up your event or festival? Head on over to our events page to see if we're the right fit.

Looking for someone to write a show for you? We can do that too!

Are you a young or emerging artist trying to find your way? We offer mentorship programs for people just like you, to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to produce and create your own work.

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Bright Side aims to inspire laughter and empathy within the challenging modern world through innovative theatrical experiences

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August 1994 - today

Inspiring kids to eat healthier

AI vs the Human Brain

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